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Our Story

Our family owned business brings an exciting range of sauces to your kitchen.

Based in Cavan town we produce sauces and vinegar for both wholesale and foodservice customers.

Not only are we BRC AA+ grade certified, we are also very proud winners of a Gold award in the Blas na hÉireann, Irish Food Awards 2019. This award celebrates and rewards the very best tasting Irish food and drink products. And that's us!

Tel: +353 (0)49 436 5369 




Featuring a special blend of fresh ingredients capturing the rich ripe flavour of top quality tomatoes.


Sample our Signature Burger Sauce, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. We also stock Chilli Sauce, Cajun Sauce & a range

of Vinegars 


We are renowned for our Real Mayonnaise, It's smooth, rich and creamy texture is based on a secret handmade family recipe.

Saucy Solutions

An ounce of sauce covers a mulititude of sins' - Anthony Bourdain

Salad with pomegranate, crispy chicken, lentils and spinach

served with Mixer's Creamy Real Mayo

The sweet fresh pomegranate, apple and spinach contrasts

the savoury crispy chicken. Married in a creamy bliss by

with our signature Real Mayo. This salad is fresh and crunchy

and has sustenance thanks to the lentils – these orange gems 

help to lower cholesterol since they contain high levels of soluble fibre. 


What is sauce for the goose may be sauce for the gander but is not necessarily sauce for the chicken, the duck,

the turkey or the guinea hen.

Alice B.Toklas

was an American-born member of the Parisian avant-garde of the early 20th century.

At Your Service

Tel: +353 (0)49 436 5369   |  Email:

Aideen King / Marketing;  087 6200 866

Sean Donegan / Sales; 087 2530 870

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