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Welcome to Our Product Range

We can also produce a product to a customer's specification. 

Product Range




Feature a special blend of fresh ingredients capturing the rich ripe flavour of top quality tomatoes.

Tomato Ketchup Gourmet Sauces 

Unit Size: 10KG

Chipper Style Tomato Ketchup 

Unit Size: 10KG / 4.5KG / 6x1KG

Barbeque Sauce Unit Size: 4.5KG / 2x2.3KG/ 6x1KG

Tomato & Chilli Unit Size: 10KG / 4.5KG 

Tomato Varieties



Mayonnaise Varieties
Other Varieties




We are renowned for our Real Mayonnaise, It's smooth, rich and creamy texture is based on a secret handmade family recipe.

Real Mayonnaise Unit Size: 10L / 6X1L

Extra Creamy Mayonnaise Unit Size: 10L

Salad Mayonnaise Unit Size: 10L

Garlic Mayonnaise Unit Size: 10L / 4.5L / 6x1LT




Burger Sauce Unit Size: 9L

Taco Sauce Unit Size: 4.5KG / 6.1KG

Island Sauce 1001 Unit Size: 6x1LT

Mustard Unit Size: 6x1KG

Louisiana Hot Chilli Sauce Unit Size: 2x2.3KG

Sweet Chilli Sauce Unit Size: 4.5KG / 2x2.3KG / 6x1KG


Feature a special blend of fresh ingredients to bring you traditional favourites and tastes of the world.


Do you have a question?

What is the lead time for deliveries?

2-3 working days

What professional certification does your company have?  

We are BRC AA accredited, the highest available standard and have held the highest grade since we started in 2010.  We are very proud winners Blas na hÉireann , Irish Food Awards.

Does your company have a traceability/ quality procedure in place? 

Yes, all ingredients are sourced from BRC (or similarly) accredited suppliers and are fully traceable back to the suppliers and products are fully traceable forward to individual customers.

Do you send out price lists?

Yes, If you are interested in our products please contact us through the Contact page on our website  or call us on +353 (0)49 436 5369 and we would be happy to go through the best pricing, based on sizing and delivery specifications to suit your needs.

Does your company test for pathogens and  other microbes? 

Yes – details on each individual specification for product control and a schedule available for environmental controls as required by legislation.

Does your product contain any allergens? 

Yes, in some cases. All  allergens are clearly  listed on each label. If you have any specific queries please contact us for more information and we would be happy to help you.

Do you export orders?

Yes, we can ship an order anywhere in Europe directly to your door. Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Do you produce own brand product? 

Yes we can produce product to a customer’s specifications. Customers can design their own label, send it to us and we can put your label on our bucket!! Own brand product may have a longer lead time for delivery.

What is the shelf life? 

Cold process sauces such as mayonnaise based products and flavoured mayonnaise have at least 6 months. Hot process sauces such as ketchups, bbqs and chilli have 12 month shelf life. There is an 18 month shelf life for vinegar.  

What size do you pack your sauces in? We pack from a 1000ltr I.B.C container down to a 1kg bottle.

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